ghoul’s out


Seth Horatio Buncombe | the severed headmaster
Banjo and vocals

Martha Redivivus | little myth epipanymph
Musical saw, flute, melodica, ukulele, mandolin and vocals

Guest artists
in order of apperance

Peter Delaney | voice, harmonium
Sport Murphy | vocals and spoken word
Cian Nugent | guitar
Sharron Kraus | vocals
Lily and Miles Murphy | fun & frolics

All music by Redivivus / Buncumbe except intro to #3 by Peter Delaney, outro #4 by Sport Murphy, outro on #6 by Cian Nugent, "Swing low sweet chariot" public domain

All lyrics by Buncombe except "your life crawls back in" by Redivivus

Cover art by Redivivus

Track 1,2,3,4,6 recorded in the Kennel Studio Brooklyn New York by James Pertusi 

and Jim Santo
Track 5 recorded in Dhulaigh Studio, Dublin, by Nicky Coghlan
Track 7, 8 recorded in Crystal Canyons Studio, Oslo, by Robert Jønnum

Produced by Robert Jønnum with Thinguma*jigsaw

Mastered by Robert Jønnum