ghoul’s out


we're all doomed

my heart is filled with pity // for human kind // this world is mean and 
shitty // far from sublime  time is a wound // and we're all doomed // the
tumor's not malignant // nor quite benign // hate is a one eyed serpent // and love is 
blind // the mind is a womb // and we're all doomed

ghoul's out

ghoul's out, friend // this home is once again a cozy cottage // we won in the end // and 
in my hand the proof the DV footage

dawn of the dead

I have a death- wish // I wish to die // to return in the morning and 
eat you alive // no grave can hold me down now // I'll rise from the dirt // when 
there's no more room in Hades // I shall walk the earth

this mockumentary

this mockumentary is life itself // and unsurprisingly it's no 
success // has man become a canine // to guard god's lawn // is the twilight of 
the gods our dusk or dawn

the reaper cometh

the good lord giveth //the good lord taketh away // none knows the 
hour // none knows the day // none knows the hour the reaper cometh // king death 
is a-coming to your little town // and his scythe is a-dying to cut you all down // oh, it is 
a dark day // just like any other day // all of mankind is marching // in this funeral 
parade // from the cradle to the cum-shot // from the gangbang to the grave // oh 
it is a dark day // just like any other day

the perfidious sarcophagus

life is frail and life is precious // it's the place to be - temporarily 
- yes // life persuades us all to join her // in her perfidious sarcophagus // die, 
death, death, die // although we'll feat on milky mucus as our pumps rick-tock in our jumping jock flesh // old father death will still rebuke us // and have us fried in frost 
at our holocaust // die, death, death, die // oh, these cavities of living // the greedy gut 
and the blushing butt-hole // how they yearn for a heaven // free from earthly pain, 
where death is slain // die, death, death, die 

your soul's not a gym

your skin's not your signature // your sex ain't no sin  // your art is no muscle // 
your soul's not a gym // your lust is no scavenger // your love's not a limb / your fate 
is a puzzle // will you sink or swim? // your butt's no ambassador // for wisdom 
within // your brain's not a brothel // your gut's bot a bin

your life crawls back in